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Unwinding the PHE: How you can help Medicaid beneficiaries retain their benefits

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15M people, including 6M children, could lose their Medicaid benefits. The public health emergency (PHE) caused by COVID-19 is officially ending, meaning states must restart redetermination. What can health systems, provider networks, and payers do to help their members and patients keep the coverage they need?

You'll learn:

  1. Why redetermination is more than a simple transaction between state Medicaid agencies and beneficiaries — and how it affects health systems, providers, and insurance companies who provide services to the Medicaid population
  2. What you can do to identify and educate the Medicaid population in your network and support them in the process to re-enroll for these crucial benefits
  3. How to create a plan for multi-channel, multi-lingual outreach campaigns to meet patients where they are and give them adequate time to navigate this complex process

Why attend?

During the public health emergency, states had to provide continuous coverage to Medicaid members. Now, beneficiaries have to resubmit their income statements and other information to keep their coverage. That’s concerning because we’re back to a population with inherently below-average financial literacy that has to do complex paperwork to demonstrate their income is low enough to retain coverage.

Join Jessi Cardello, Director of Account Operations at Arcadia, Josh Cabana, Director of Enterprise Partnerships at Arcadia, and Nina Zelcer, Senior Manager at Arcadia for a timely discussion about the coming "redetermination crisis" and what ACOs, CINs, health systems and hospitals, and payer organizations can do to help their members and patients navigate this process to retain coverage.

A headshot of Jessi Cardello
Director of Account Operations, Arcadia
A headshot of Josh Cabana
Director of Enterprise Partnerships, Arcadia
Nina Zelcer Headshot
Senior Manager, Arcadia