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How to increase patient engagement with COVID-19 vaccination

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Now that we have several COVID-19 vaccines starting to be administered and others possibly on the horizon, how are healthcare organizations ramping up to meet the challenges of getting all their patients vaccinated?

Between the sheer numbers, the shifting of state guidelines, and the need to illuminate and address socioeconomic challenges and issues of health equity, this year will present a host of unique challenges as we strive to get the general population vaccinated.

Watch this discussion of the clinical and tactical challenges of implementing a robust COVID-19 vaccination program. VP of Customer Success Anna Basevich and CMO Dr. Rich Parker will discuss the unique challenges ahead.

You’ll learn:

  • How COVID-19 vaccine outreach — “the greatest patient engagement challenge of our lives” — sits within a broader historical and clinical context
  • Key challenges to impacting your vaccine program
  • Factors that help build patient trust when running a communications campaign
  • Effective strategies for public health education and engagement
  • How to stratify patients and run targeted outreach campaigns to high-risk and other cohorts
  • How to set up ongoing patient tracking and communications initiatives to ensure series completion
  • What you need to effectively report on and understand vaccine administration performance and ensure equity
  • How to nimbly handle outreach to patients when unexpected circumstances come up
Anna Basevich
VP, Enterprise Partnerships, Arcadia
Headshot of Dr. Rich Parker
Dr. Rich Parker
Chief Medical Officer, Arcadia