The Schema

We’re bringing together the industry’s best minds, biggest innovations, and greatest insights. Our goal? To establish a framework for the future of healthcare. Welcome to The Schema.

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The Schema Episode 1: Healthcare 2030 & beyond

Accelerated innovation, public trust in the system, new payment models, and big data. Here’s NYT bestselling author Shawn DuBravac’s take on how these trends will impact that future of healthcare.

The Schema Episode 2: The glidepath to downside risk

Value-based care is overtaking fee-for-service. KLAS Research Director, Bradley Hunter, shares the strategies leading healthcare organizations are using to succeed as they take on increasing risk.

The Schema Episode 3: Insights on-demand

Every business is a data business. Anthony Del Rio describes how Rush Health is using real-time access to actionable insights to stay ahead of the curve, react to changes in the marketplace, and fuel the growth of their organization.

The Schema Episode 4: Reimagining care

It’s time to rethink healthcare. Castell’s Medical Director of Clinical Operations, Will Daines, walks us through how his team transitioned to value-based care using an analytics-first approach.

The Schema Episode 5: Whole patient care

The lines between patients and consumers are blurring. IMSNY’s Chief Information Officer, Elise Kohl-Grant, discusses how her team engages patients and improves care outcomes through innovative technology.

The Schema Episode 6: Value-based care (evolved)

Value-based care is evolving. CareAllies’ Director of Population Health Solutions, Becky Trotter, shares how to get better results through real-time insights, innovative payment models, and clinical integration.