With just a few days until HIMSS16, health IT professionals everywhere are gearing up for the the industry’s legendary conference where some of the best and brightest in the business converge for a week to discuss all things health IT.

Here at Arcadia, we’ve also been busy getting ready for HIMSS. Throughout the conference, we’ll be focused on sharing and gathering stories of how data cures (look for us using the hashtag #datacures).  We caught up with a few Arcadians around our offices to find out what they most look forward to discussing at HIMSS.

Data, data, data

If we’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s that “big data” isn’t healthcare’s silver bullet —it takes a much more nuanced and targeted approach to drive meaningful change. As such, we expect to see a significant focus on harnessing data to meet specific goals. Particularly, we’re looking forward to seeing how vendors who talked about the unattainably broad topic of “population health” at last year’s conference have narrowed their message to something more concrete.

As our chief technology officer Jon Cook explained, “I’m interested to see how the consumer aspect is evolving. Consumers are starting to see that #datacures and they will continue to expect personalized treatment derived from data from their providers. Thus, providers will soon need to figure out how to receive, manage, and deliver the data that cures.”

Additionally, Arcadians are looking forward to hearing from one of our own clients, Steward Health Care.  Executive director Heather Trafton will present “Integrated EHR Data and Its Impact on Pioneer ACO Quality Programs”, and will speak about how Arcadia’s work aggregating EHR data helped Steward achieve Pioneer ACO success.  She will also talk about the role that aggregated data asset played in Steward’s decision to move to the Next Generation ACO model. We live and breathe data here at Arcadia, and we love working with an organization that has seen firsthand what data can do when delivered to the right people, at the right time.

Making Data Beautiful

We also get a kick out of watching passersby do a double-take when checking out our Data Gallery. As our principal data scientist Michael Simon said, “Our love for data has led us to making it beautiful.” This year, we’ve followed on last year’s success with data-driven graphics that will take your breath away. During HIMSS15, we showed attendees “What Lies Beneath” when it comes to claims and EHR data. The awesome graphic is a gorgeous representation of how claims data gives a broad view of patient care, while EHR data goes deep. Another huge draw last year was “The Evolution of Diabetes” to show what happens to patients when diabetes goes undiagnosed.

We’re bringing a new set of data visualizations this year on topics ranging from ACO performance to end of life costs, and we can’t wait to share our new work with HIMSS attendees. Stop by our booth #4612 to see what we have in store – we will be giving Data Gallery Tours on the hour, every hour that the exhibition hall is open.

The HIMSS experience

As anyone who’s attended HIMSS before can attest, it really is an experience all its own. We’re looking forward to reveling in all the sights and sounds (and sore feet) – taking in the electric energy and excitement at HIMSS (and Las Vegas). Survivor Tip: If this is your first time attending, check out #HIMSSHacks on Twitter. Here you’ll find all of the survival guides, tips, and tricks necessary to successfully navigate your first HIMSS conference.  And, stop by to pick up a bottle of water and a conference survival kit at our booth #4612 – last year, this was named HIStalk’s “best giveaway of HIMSS15”.

Lastly, we can’t forget the highly anticipated keynotes from big names like Peyton Manning, Sylvia Matthews Burwell, and Michael Dell. These are sure to be entertaining, and while finding a seat might be tough, we won’t let a full room keep us from attending.

What are you most excited about at HIMSS16? Tweet at us using #datacures to let us know.

February 26, 2016