Arcadia Outreach Available at No Cost to ACOs, Health Plans, and State Agencies Managing 15k+ Lives

September 29, 2020

Fears of contracting COVID-19 have caused patients to delay critical vaccinations, screenings, and other routine and preventative care, putting communties at risk. ACOs, health plans, and state agencies managing large populations (15,000 or more lives) face challenges in engaging patients at scale with trusted information and reminders about vaccinnations, screenings, and other preventative care. Arcadia is committed to addressing the vaccination gap as we move into flu season. We are making our Arcadia Outreach tool available at no cost to qualifying organizations.

VIDEO: Transforming Digital Health with Dr. John Halamka

April 8, 2020

Dr. Halamka shares some of his thoughts on the current and future state of healthcare information technology, and took questions throughout this webinar recording.

VIDEO: Care Management:  Using Predictive Analytics to Choose the “Actionable” Patients

October 9, 2019

How do you find the most ‘actionable’ patients for care management – the ones who will most benefit from intervention? Rich Parker, MD first saw the value of care management as a practicing physician: it enabled him to deliver better

Announcing Arcadia’s 2016 Data Gallery

March 9, 2016

Last week at HIMSS, we unveiled our 2016 Data Gallery—a veritable art gallery where we have turned data into something beautiful. Our love of data drives us to cull through mountains of it to pull the most relevant and compelling information,

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