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Turn 50 petabytes of yearly data into an endless insight machine

By Linnie Greene, Staff Writer at Arcadia
Healthcare Analytics Data Interoperability and Integration

Brace yourselves: data is expanding exponentially. The world produces 463 exabytes of data each day.1 Hospitals alone account for 50 petabytes per year.2 Some estimates suggest healthcare produces 30% of the world’s data.3 What’s to be done with all this information? More importantly: how can you cut straight to the opportunities data reveals?4

In this month’s Data Bytes, we’re digging deeper into healthcare data by exploring the data lakehouse. Read on to understand the basics of this data storage and retrieval architecture, then move beyond the basics to understand why it matters in healthcare. Learn key aspects of what makes it unique, from cloud-based storage to easy integration with third-party apps.

The lakehouse is a critical component of success in today’s landscape. It enables workflows that empower employees from the exam room to the board room. Dive on in — the water’s fine.

Take a guided tour of the data lakehouse

All data tributaries flow into the lake(house)

9-in-10 healthcare executives agree that data is critical to an organization’s performance — how it’s stored and accessed is the difference between a murky view and actionable insights. In this article, we explore how the data lakehouse advances capabilities like access, speed, and a comprehensive view of population health. Want to incorporate third-party data in a report? Want to build custom analytics and workflows in a snap? The lakehouse has you covered.

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Zero-copy, infinite innovation

Here, we break down the basics of the zero-copy data lake — what it is, why it matters, and what differentiates it from the models you might already know and use. Discover what it offers healthcare, from accessible raw data for analysts to portability across the cloud.

Accelerate insights

Viva la data révolution

With a basic overview of how the lakehouse works, this article digs deeper into how it will revolutionize the healthcare industry, from better patient stratification to IT’s sigh of relief over native deletions and offset management. We call that a win-win (win-win-win…).

Revolutionize your data