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How to leverage technology for streamlined care management

By Cristina Calabrese, Content Producer at Arcadia
Care Management

To streamline care management effectively, it’s crucial for healthcare companies to get an all-encompassing view of patient data. This comprehensive view empowers providers to make informed decisions, coordinate care, and improve patient outcomes, but many care management teams get bogged down by manual processes. Healthcare companies seek ways to streamline their workflows and reduce this burden.

By harnessing the power of data and analytics, exemplified by Arcadia's patient chart and care management application, care teams can consolidate patient data and simplify these processes.

Kate Brind, Senior Product Manager at Arcadia spoke about this topic in Episode 1 our web series The Source: 5 ways to optimize care management programs with technology and data.

Challenges of fragmented EHR systems

In healthcare, patients often seek care from multiple providers and health systems. Many of these providers use different electronic health record (EHR) systems. “One of the biggest problems care managers encounter is finding all that data among different systems,” says Brind. This can lead to data silos that make it challenging for care managers to access the comprehensive patient information they need.

By navigating multiple systems, their tasks become more time-consuming and less efficient. This leads to frustration and wastes time. “A lot of what care managers are doing are somewhat repetitive tasks that can be streamlined in a way where every time they work with a patient, there are certain steps they should be taking that are the same within each one,” she explained.

Arcadia’s solution: Aggregate and act on data

Arcadia specializes in addressing this problem by aggregating data from multiple areas into a single, unified source. Arcadia's patient chart and care management application provide care teams with a full view of patients throughout their healthcare journey to easily:

  • Identify patients with the most need
  • Estimate costs and potential savings
  • Measure impact and refine processes
  • Utilize real-time algorithms for simplified patient identification

These solutions can empower providers to gain a 360-degree view of patient data in one singular, cohesive location to provide the best care possible.

Strengthen your care management programs with data and analytics

Integrating data and analytics into your care team will usher in a new era of efficiency. By utilizing data-driven automations, previously daunting tasks can now be streamlined to save time and effort. Your team can then focus on what’s most important: providing the best care possible.

When our partners incorporated Arcadia’s Care Management tools:

  • A Northeast ACO had a 41.5% reduction in ED visits for COPD patients
  • A multi-state ACO reduced treat-and-release ED visits 365K to 296K
  • Another Northeast ACO served 3x more patients with the same care management team

To see firsthand how you can harness the power of data, schedule a demo with our team. To view more highlights from The Source, Episode 1: Care management, check out the recap video.