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Interoperability at scale: Technical strategies for health data integration

Data Interoperability and Integration The Source

Successful healthcare interoperability requires a multi-faceted approach. See how to consolidate, normalize, and enrich data from many sources. We dissect the root causes of interoperability challenges and discuss how standardized data types can streamline reporting for better patient care. 

What you’ll learn:

  1. Strategies to navigate and dismantle healthcare data silos
  2. The significance of standard data protocols like HL7 FHIR in interoperability
  3. Best practices for consolidating data from various sources into a singular, robust platform
  4. Techniques for transforming raw data into enriched, analytics-ready information
  5. How to leverage comprehensive patient views to enhance clinical decision-making and operational efficiency

Featured speakers:

VP of Product Management at Arcadia
Director of Enterprise Partnerships at Arcadia
Technical Solution Architect at Arcadia