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Insight Unlock population health with transitional care management
When a patient is discharged, the clock starts. 30 days—the critical amount of time where patients have a higher risk of readmission. Transitional Care Management (TCM) aims to provide patients with the proper care during this time and can reduce readmission by as much as 86%. TCM relies on a strong foundation of data for its success, but not every health system has the technical resources at their fingertips required to measure and improve TCM metrics.
Insight Surprising discoveries about the top 15 reasons people visit emergency rooms in colder months
Arcadia dug deeper, and what Senior Manager of Customer Insights Dan Sweany found paints a more complicated picture. Here, we’ll delve into the discoveries the Customer Insights team made as they explored 2021 MSSP data, organizing what they found by groups of ICD-10 codes. The result is a list of the most common reasons for winter emergency room visits, and a window into what conditions a value-based care organization or provider network could target for preventive care.
Data Bytes Newsletter Flu season is here
While mortality and transmission rates of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) far exceeds those of the 2017–2018 flu, a look backwards can still be instructive. Especially as we prepare for a potential resurgence of influenza this year.