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Taking the gamble out of healthcare risk adjustment

By Linnie Greene, Staff Writer at Arcadia
Risk Management Risk Adjustment

Risk is, well... risky, so it makes sense that some healthcare organizations are reticent to dive in headfirst. But assuming risk is also a path towards financial viability and healthier patients, allowing systems to gain more control of their programming (and reap the rewards when it leads to better outcomes).

Below, we’ve gathered up a few resources to help you navigate the wild work of risk adjustment, from reducing readmission to an explainer of the latest RADV guidelines. Sure, it’s complicated, but dive on in — the water’s fine when you’ve got analytics and proven best practices at your back.

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Readmissions wreak havoc

Readmissions are costly and frustrating for everyone involved, from administrators to patients. The best plan of attack is to avoid them altogether, and knowing what conditions often prompt readmissions is a great first step. Here, learn which ICD codes come up most often in this scenario.

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The 411 on risk adjustment analytics

How does a powerful data analytics platform help you navigate risk? Read on to learn about the methodology, and why sufficient, trustworthy data is a critical first step before an algorithm can ever generate meaningful insights.

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RADV: A radical departure?

CMS’s new standards for documentation and reporting are stricter than ever before, but don’t let these guidelines intimidate you. Step into 2024 with an idea of what’s ahead, and learn how you can avoid reporting pressure by establishing effective workflows now.

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From insight to action

Learn how Ascension Illinois/AMITA Health’s Anita Chadha led her risk team to phenomenal success with the help of reliable metrics and data. Engage providers, get organizational buy-in, and replicate this team’s success with stratification and shareable insights. Learn more about how they reached these healthcare heights.

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