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The future of healthcare is automated

Artificial Intelligence Patient Engagement

New technology opens up a world of unknowns, but AI is already proving itself as one of healthcare’s most powerful levers. In a country where hospital intensive care providers spend as little as 15-30% of their time with patients, automation could radically change their workdays — and give patients more face time with the experts who could improve their lives.1

This month, we’re focusing on the wild frontier of AI and automation, from its proven use-cases (like staffing and patient communication) to the exciting possibilities experts see on the horizon.2,3 Learn how to avoid potential pitfalls, and build a tech stack that accommodates whatever incredible innovations the future holds. Automate, innovate, and put all 137 terabytes of daily data produced by your healthcare system towards happier, healthier lives.

Strategies for the wild frontier of AI

It’s time to get friendly with the robots. Well, maybe it’s not quite so sci-fi — but no matter your role in healthcare, AI is poised to revolutionize the industry. Read this Forbes piece by Arcadia CEO Michael Meucci to learn how you can thoughtfully harness the latest, greatest tech to automate and streamline processes, saving time and resources for the important work of improving lives.

Plan for your data-driven future

Better care, powered by AI

In this episode of Spicy Takes, Arcadia CEO Michael Meucci, CMO Dr. Kate Behan, and Chief Product and Technology Officer Nick Stepro to discuss how AI is already impacting patient care for the better, from automating rote manual tasks to expediting prior authorizations. Discover what’s happening now, and what the future might look like for AI in healthcare.

Gaze into the future of healthcare tech

Get ready for action

Turn static data points into actionable next steps. In this article, learn the four A’s to transform information into innovation, beginning with data collection and ending in automation. The right foundation and infrastructure makes automation possible, and helps healthcare organizations cut through the noise of information overload.

Prepare for automation with a solid foundation

Assemble a healthy tech stack

Build, buy, or both? To leverage the latest AI developments, you need sophisticated technology and a data analytics solution that surfaces insights. In this article, learn about five distinct features of a platform your decision might hinge upon. With these questions covered, you can forge ahead into the bold new world of automation worry-free.

Build your automation foundation