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Welcome to The Source

Every month, we’ll help keep you moving forward on the path of innovation. The Source will dive into a common healthcare challenge and uncover solutions to help you use data and technology for transformative outcomes. You’re invited to see what’s possible. Tune in live or on-demand.

Episode 1

5 ways to optimize care management programs with technology and data

Most care management teams face increasing caseloads and barriers to tracking outcomes. Join us for an overview of how to strengthen care management programs in a time with limited access to resources, bandwidth, and personnel.

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Episode 2

Data management tools for empowering better health outcomes

Effective data management is essential to ensure the accuracy, security, and accessibility of healthcare data. Join us for an overview of how to leverage tools to master data management for better health outcomes.

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Episode 3

Quality management tools to improve health outcomes and care delivery

The healthcare industry faces a formidable challenge: balancing the imperative of delivering high-quality care against the backdrop of spiraling operational costs and regulatory uncertainties. The intricacies of quality management are persistent hurdles, demanding innovative approaches to identify inefficiencies and improve care delivery.

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Episode 4

Interoperability at scale: Technical strategies for health data integration

Successful healthcare interoperability requires a multi-faceted approach. See how to consolidate, normalize, and enrich data from many sources. We'll dissect the root causes of interoperability challenges and discuss how standardized data types can streamline reporting for better patient care.

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Episode 5

Workforce enablement for optimal healthcare performance

As a healthcare leader, managing teams and maintaining top performance is tougher than ever. Your clinical and administrative staff face challenges like misaligned priorities, inefficient workflows, and data silos. But, using data can boost efficiency and enable your workforce when leveraged effectively.

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