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Trustworthy data is the key to healthcare performance

By Linnie Greene, Staff Writer at Arcadia
Data Management and Quality Data Interoperability and Integration

Big data accounts for a huge chunk of healthcare’s $15-trillion global budget, and other industries are taking note.1 The shift to EHRs and other digital records marked a sea change, and the next one on the horizon is making data analytics commonplace, analyzing all the information in a healthcare system to discover actionable steps.

Our recent survey in partnership with HIMSS reveals that 56% of healthcare leaders agree that accurate data helps them improve quality of care. They also agree that data platforms are critical to creating a trustworthy data asset to enable stakeholders. Yet, most perceive that adopting a fully centralized data platform is challenging. A lack of internal resources is a primary barrier for organizations with lower annual revenues (47% among those with revenues of $1B) and for not-for-profit and government organizations. Resistance to change among staff/clinicians is a significantly greater barrier for multi-hospitals (56% among multi-hospitals vs. 19% of all other worksites).

Let’s change that. In this issue of Data Bytes, we’re exploring the ins and outs of data quality — how to strengthen it, how to measure it, and how to overcome common hurdles, from interoperability to governance. Read on to learn how you can transform millions of data points into clear steps that drive peak performance.

Dog days of summer, meet the golden days of data quality

Talk Healthtech with Nick Stepro at HIMSS24

“There’s signal in the noise,” insists Chief Product & Technology Officer Nick Stepro in this chat with the Talking Healthtech podcast at HIMSS24. Join this insightful conversation on how technology can speed up healthcare processes and help you cut through the static of large data sets. Build your data infrastructure now so you can leverage future tools, from AI to LLMs.

Uncover the gold in your data set

Buckle up for data quality

There are data problems you know to look out for, and then there are the ones that sneak up when you least expect it. In this video, VP of Data Operations Mary Kuchenbrod explains how healthcare administrators can safeguard their data with seatbelts, absorbing the impact left of boom (before an issue arises) and right of boom (immediately in its aftermath) to maintain steady, resilient systems.

Secure your data with seatbelts

Schedule your data for a check-up

If you’re early in your healthcare data journey (or just looking to adopt some sound best practices), VP of Data Operations Mary Kuchenbrod has your back. Here, she offers five criterion for a data health check-up, looking at the flow of information from its beginnings at a source through the structure where it’s ultimately stored. Soup to nuts, here’s your data quality checklist.

Take your data's vitals

Keys to the data kingdom

In this video with Arcadia Chief Product and Technology Officer Nick Stepro, UCLA Health Chief Data Officer Albert Duntugan and Indu Subaya, MD, host of HIMSS TV, discover how you can build a foundation for excellent data quality, taking a forward-thinking approach to your organization’s clinical and business needs to create functional, efficient analytics. Start with a solid base and grow your data insights at scale.

Follow five steps to program success