American Healthcare Leader’s Trenna Nees profiles longtime Arcadia client Stacy Kessel

Stacy Kessel, CPA is the chief financial officer of both a non-profit provider network, the Community Health Network of Washington (CHNW), and the health plan it owns, Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW).  This gives her a unique perspective on the transition to value-based care, as CHPW has been in risk-based contracts for many years.

American Healthcare Leader’s Trenna Nees interviewed Kessel about CHPW’s strategic use of business intelligence to better manage financial risk.  By investing in a data aggregation project with Arcadia, CHPW was able to augment its claims data with rich clinical data from the community health center EHRs.   In combination with the Arcadia Analytics platform, this integrated data asset gives the plan sophisticated business intelligence capabilities to drive care improvement across the network – and gives each participating community health center a daily report on quality measure performance.

One major business intelligence initiative for CHPW has been the use of clinically-enhanced patient risk to identify documentation gaps.  When patients have undocumented chronic conditions, providers may be missing care opportunities – and may be receiving premiums that do not accurately reflect patient risk.

“This is a really powerful data asset not only for the network, but for individual providers, who get quick access to thorough, complete, and accurate data at or before the point of care,” says Kelly Evans.  As the manager of analytics adoption programs at Arcadia, Evans has worked closely with CHPW and CHNW on the effective in-practice use of clinically-enhanced risk.  “It’s really exciting to see some of the immediate effects of that. Because providers have a comprehensive view of what’s happening outside of the practice – such as hospitalizations – they are able to provide the best and most appropriate care to each of their patients.”

For more information on CHPW’s transformational approach to business intelligence, read Trenna Nee’s profile of Stacy Kessel at American Healthcare Leader.

June 24, 2016