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Arcadia Healthcare Solutions has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Product Line Strategy Award for the North American healthcare data analytics market. Arcadia provides next-generation population health analytics capable of aggregating EHR and claims data from many different data sources, enabling even the most complex healthcare organizations to successfully manage population health and value based contracts.

Report Highlights

  • “…progressive analytics solutions are intuitive, scalable, user friendly, vendor agnostic, and powered by a sophisticated data validation algorithm that normalizes millions of medical data sets quickly and generates personalized clinical, financial, and BI reports. Arcadia’s solution satisfies all the criteria and demonstrates additional capabilities”
  • “Rationalize enterprise cost by benchmarking utilization for specific events”
  • “…code-free measure creation for quality reporting by nontechnical staffs”
  • “…full database access for customers’ analysts and BI personnel; unprecedented integration of claims and clinical data for each patient”
  • “…modifiable validation algorithm for better IT alignment with customers, and web-based access through iPads and smartphones”

Analytics Informed by Hands-On Experience

Health systems that want to succeed in population health management need analytics to help:

  • provide a comprehensive view of their patients – even if data about those patients is stored in many different systems
  • stratify patients by risk and condition
  • find care gaps that impact patient health
  • support effective communication among providers – across the continuum of care.

These capabilities help ensure that at-risk patients receive the appropriate care. In a new 13-page report, Frost & Sullivan explains how Arcadia’s hands-on experience in managing 150,000 at-risk lives translates into a user-focused analytics platform that provides the tools healthcare systems need to succeed in population health.

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