With our shared expertise and capabilities, we look forward to better serving our health plan, health system, and provider group clients. To do that, we continue to focus on how well our lines of business truly work together.  Coexisting doesn’t work – we have to be all one team of Arcadians. We will continue to deliver all the applications necessary for success in value based care, built upon a platform of the best technology and expert MSO services, powered by the highest quality integrated data.

Current and future customers will invest in solutions for the outcomes they need to flourish in this ever-evolving landscape of American healthcare. Whether an outcome means financial performance, contract achievement, physician network satisfaction, patient results or a combination of them all, one thing is certain. There is no technology black box that magically delivers these outcomes, nor is there an efficient service-only model that can scale. Only with the combination of great usable technology amplifying the expertise of the human element can our customers realize a return on their investment in the high quality, efficient, and consistent outcomes for patients and physicians.

So that’s my goal, and the goal of our entire executive team – delivering the best possible outcomes by moving toward a very bright shared future together.

This is the fourth in a four part series on the merger of Arcadia Healthcare Solutions and Sage Technologies. Go back and read part 1 here.

Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll

Sean brings over 25 years of experience in healthcare technology and services to his role as chief executive officer. He is ultimately responsible for the strategy, growth, and profitability of the organization, as well as board and investor relations.

Prior to joining Arcadia, Sean was senior vice president of healthcare at Nuance Communications, responsible for the $500MM Healthcare Information Management business, as well as healthcare client management. He came to Nuance through the acquisition of Webmedx, a clinical documentation service and technology provider, which he led as CEO for nine years, culminating in a sustained #1 ranking by KLAS. Webmedx was also regularly named in the Health Informatics Top 100, and had multiple employer of the year designations.

Sean has led a number of other healthcare companies in his career, including TransQuick, the first national provider of Emergency Medicine transcription services with integrated speech recognition, and Rodeer Systems, which acquired TransQuick.


September 30, 2016

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