Arcadia will partner with Top 10 health plan Cigna subsidiary CareAllies to educate healthcare leaders on how health plans can effectively provide actionable insights at the point of care with tools that work within the clinical workflow. Experts from Arcadia and Cigna will present “Will Physicians Ever Welcome a Health Plan into the Exam Room?” at next week’s RISE West conference in San Diego.

A dramatically different approach to health plan-provider collaboration

Becky Trotter, population health solutions program director at CareAllies, a Cigna company, will present with Debbie Conboy, director of risk adjustment and quality strategy at Arcadia. They will explain how Cigna/CareAllies has taken a dramatically different approach than the rest of the industry when it comes to partnering with providers.

To deliver clinically-meaningful insights that providers can act on, plans need to understand and work within their established clinical workflows. Arcadia’s population health analytics platform Arcadia Analytics makes actionable insights available to providers at the point of care and reduces their documentation burden.

At RISE West, the speakers will explain how to achieve widespread, rapid adoption by thousands of providers by implementing tools that reduce provider abrasion and make it easier for providers to perform against value-based contracts.

Helping providers succeed with insights — within their existing clinical workflows

In addition, Conboy will share additional strategies for effective payer-collaboration from her experiences with some of the largest and most innovative health plans around the country. Using integrated data sets that combine clinical data from the EHR with the plan’s own claims-based data, these plans provide tools for pre-visit planning, patient encounters, and electronic Health Risk Assessments that support existing clinical workflows.

“As the use of value-based care models continues to expand, health plans and providers must work together to find solutions that drive quality patient outcomes while relieving the burden on providers,” Conboy said. “Providers today are inundated with new technology, alerts and mandates, which is why we focus on finding ways to help them within the workflows they have already established.”

“As health plans continue to work to improve the quality, cost, and efficiency of healthcare,” Conboy continued, “the only way that we will all be successful is through true partnerships with providers and technology that meets them where they are.”

A national gathering of value-based care leaders

RISE West will be held on Sept. 9-11 at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego, California. The industry event brings together senior leadership from health plans, ACOs, and other healthcare organizations to discuss current trends and technologies in risk adjustment and quality performance. During the conference, attendees will be able to hear more than 50 speakers discuss topics from risk adjustment and quality performance to documentation and HCC coding practices. Trotter and Conboy’s session will be held on Wednesday, September 11 from 1:00 PM to 1:45 PM.

“Over the years health plans have had the best of intentions but have often not effectively engaged their clinical networks in value-based care initiatives,” said Conboy. “The work that Cigna has done to bring providers along in the process and create a new paradigm for collaboration is something every part of the industry should know about. When health plans use technology to build trust with providers, providers will welcome them into their practices for collaborative patient care.”

September 6, 2019