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Data-driven care management: Better patient outcomes with healthcare technology

By Cristina Calabrese, Content Producer at Arcadia
Care Management

In the inaugural episode of our web series The Source, we discussed 5 Ways to enhance care management programs using technology and data, with insights shared by key experts from Arcadia. The panel included Connor Navrude, Senior Account Director, Kate Brind, Senior Product Manager, and Lenny Heffernon, Clinical Solutions Engineer. Together, they engaged in a comprehensive discussion on strategies for optimizing care management initiatives, all aimed at simplifying workflows within healthcare systems.

Enhancing care management programs with technology and data

In this article, we will summarize key moments from the webinar, demonstrating how Arcadia's healthcare data platform can solve common challenges in care management:

  • All-encompassing view of patient data — How care teams can cut manual processes to save time and deliver faster, streamlined care
  • Technology for patient cohort creation — The timeliness of generating cohorts and getting them in front of care managers
  • Tools to track progress — Strong reporting metrics to prove the efficacy of their work

By tackling these challenges, healthcare organizations can augment decision-making and automate time-consuming tasks for care management.

All-encompassing view of patient data

Many care teams are burdened by manual processes in order to gain a 360-degree view of patient data. This all-encompassing view includes a thorough understanding of each patient's medical history, treatments, and ongoing care needs. Finding all that data among different systems is challenging.

With Arcadia’s patient chart and care management application, we aggregate data from different sources such as electronic health records (EHRs), medical devices, and even patient-reported information. You can see a patient’s history, emergency room visits, admits to the hospital, medications they’re on, where they’ve been prescribed, and much more.

Care teams can see the patient across the entire spectrum of care and gain that all-encompassing view, ultimately resulting in better care. By having real-time access to a patient's medical history, care teams can identify potential gaps in care and proactively address them with safer and more effective treatments.

Technology for patient cohort creation

Identifying patient cohorts is a pivotal aspect of care management, as it allows healthcare providers to segment the population based on specific conditions, risk factors, or needs. Yet, many care management programs struggle to identify patients and enroll them in cohorts.

“Arcadia’s care management tool is great for this, and allows our clients to go to create different sets of criteria for identifying patients that require care management services”, said Navrude. Arcadia’s patient identification automation can use claims data, clinical data, ADT data, and more.

By using this technology, you can streamline the process by employing advanced algorithms to sift through vast amounts of patient data and categorize individuals into appropriate groups. These cohorts can then be used to tailor interventions, allocate resources effectively, and prioritize care delivery. By leveraging technology to identify patients who are at high risk of readmission or complications, care managers can intervene earlier, reducing the likelihood of adverse outcomes and hospitalizations.

Tools to track case management, care collaboration, and risk

As care management teams prove the efficacy of their work and ensure they are serving patients effectively, they rely on strong reporting metrics. Arcadia’s care management outcomes dashboard shows how a program is performing across a health system's network. It shows metrics that include cost per enrollment, average 30-day readmission rates, and average 30-day emergency department events against the benchmarks.

Effective care management hinges on seamless communication and collaboration among various stakeholders, including physicians, nurses, specialists, and social workers. Technology offers a range of tools such as secure messaging platforms, telehealth solutions, and shared electronic records that enable real-time information exchange.

This not only enhances the coordination of care but also allows for swift case management and the ability to adjust treatment plans as needed. Moreover, advanced analytics can help in assessing risk levels and predicting potential health deteriorations, empowering care teams to intervene proactively and prevent complications.

The future of care management

The marriage of technology and care management holds immense promise for elevating patient outcomes and optimizing healthcare resource utilization. By providing a holistic view of patient data, facilitating precise cohort creation, and offering tools for streamlined collaboration, Arcadia’s data platform addresses the challenges of modern care management head-on.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, embracing these technological advancements is not just a strategic choice, but a vital step toward a more efficient, patient-centric, and cost-effective healthcare system. Through the thoughtful integration of technology, healthcare providers can pave the way for a brighter future of care management — one that redefines medical excellence and empowers patients on their journey to wellness.

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