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Arcadia expert analyzes CMS’ ACO Reach updates

Accountable Care Value-Based Care Health Equity and SDoH

In the wake of CMS’ recently announced revisions to the ACO REACH model for 2024, Anna Basevich, SVP of Enterprise Partnerships and Customer Enablement, outlined what these updates mean and how they’ll impact participating organizations and patients.

According to Basevich, the relationship between health equity and social determinants is emphasized, with successful ACOs proactively engaging underserved communities. Further, the updated payment system will reward ACOs for achieving benchmarks in health equity—offering graduated bonuses based on performance.

Basevich also discussed the importance of governance structures to ensure that ACO REACH prioritizes patient care over pure business interests, involving those with expertise in providing care to drive improved patient outcomes.

Read the full article, “The Strategy Behind CMS’ 2024 Updates to ACO REACH,” on Hospice News.