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Powered by AWS

Arcadia, powered by AWS, makes healthcare data actionable on a massive scale

Some of the largest health systems and health plans in the United States rely on data from Arcadia Analytics to manage care for tens of millions of patients and members and succeed under value-based care payment models. And to deliver actionable data in real time or near-real time on a massive scale, we rely on AWS.

Arcadia is a leader in cloud computing for population health management

Since 2015 Arcadia has collaborated with AWS engineers on innovative approaches to massive healthcare analytics that have paved the way for others in the space. Arcadia and AWS R&D teams partner closely to maximize performance of the AWS platform for healthcare data analytics.

Arcadia is a proud member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Global Startup Program

Arcadia is the only healthcare data and software company dedicated to healthcare orgs achieving financial success in value-based care. Read more about Arcadia’s partnership with AWS.

Arcadia processes 12 petabytes of patient data every month using AWS

Healthcare organizations need real-time, accurate, and reliable data from across the care continuum to care for patients, manage populations, and succeed on risk-based contracts. This is a huge amount of information for one organization to manage; at a national level, it is truly mammoth.

Arcadia has processed data for 170 million patients using AWS. We process 12 petabytes of patient data monthly, thousands of customer data feeds each night, and more than 25 customer data transforms each month.

The average Arcadia enterprise customer has 2 billion records

Arcadia Analytics: a massive, fully integrated data set

Arcadia Analytics aggregates longitudinal patient data from from EHR, ancillary, and health plan sources in a fully integrated data asset.

  • Vitals, Labs, Orders, Prescriptions, Observations, Notes (partial), Provider & Patient Demographics, Encounters, ADTs, Eligibility, Filled Prescriptions, Professional Claims, Institutional Claims, Member Demographics
  • Budgeting Data, Organizational Structures, Contract Information

Arcadia Analytics on AWS

From real-time hospital admission notifications to huge monthly claims files, Arcadia is constantly ingesting and processing variable amounts of data. We’ve taken over a decade of proprietary knowledge about healthcare data and moved it into a screaming-fast, modern, scalable infrastructure.

The most flexible platform for containerized, data-intensive applications

  • Production proven: DCDS powers four of the top banks and three of the top five cable providers in North America
  • Reliable: built-in redundancy and automatic resource allocation minimizes downtime due to mode failure
  • Automated: minimize the tangle of scripts to configure and maintain our infrastructure with a streamlined system
  • Secure: secure developer team environments and encrypted communications among distributed services
  • Cost effective: pool our existing resources and increase process efficiency

Tasks and jobs as “apps”

Our jobs and services become “apps”: deploy apps on the DCOS with no code changes. Install and run.

Building blocks and containers

Datacenter services “out of the box”: Hadoop, Spark, Kalka, YARN, and Kubermetes — the “killer apps” of DCOS all installed with a single command.


Mesosphere DCOS: Organizes machines in our cluster. Provides an API for building and orchestrating distributed system with an interface to manage up to thousand of machines.

Our platform represents a dramatic evolution in big data storage and processing, giving unparalleled scale and agility in managing massive healthcare data. A custom-build Mesos OS enables Arcadia to spin virtual servers up or down laterally and vertically according to need — with only a few clicks.

Ultimately, this means our customers get high-performance processing power when they need it — without paying for unused overhead in a data center.