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Ready, set, streamline: Digital transformation in healthcare

By Linnie Greene, Staff Writer at Arcadia
Population Health Management Risk Management

The healthcare industry is generating an ever-growing, unprecedented amount of data. Specifically, the average hospital produces 137TB per day. Sifting through this information to make time-sensitive decisions around complex populations is a big task. In the words of Jaws’ Quint: “You’re going to need a bigger boat.”

The “bigger boat” in healthcare is sophisticated data analytics that reveal opportunities and future-proof your organization. Below, we’ve gathered some timely resources to help healthcare innovators care for those in need, manage cost concerns, and navigate transitions (no matter how complex).

Digital transformation content roundup

The marriage of risk and quality

When it comes to complex populations like special needs or dual-eligible Medicare and Medicaid patients, risk and quality efforts should go hand in hand. Learn more about how Belong Health drove growth with this two-pronged approach.

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Life in the fast lane

It’s a fine line between fast implementation and effective implementation — but with the right tips, tricks, and guardrails in place, it’s one you can walk. Here, VP of Implementation and Customer Success Kacey Carroll provides pointers.

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Complex populations, simplified solutions

Care management programs are a critical tool for improving the health of complex populations. But they’re comprised of lots of moving parts, from necessary data workflows to setting and measuring KPIs. Read more about Arcadia’s CCM Impact Score, and learn how to wield a data analytics tool in service of excellent, organized care management.

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Big data requires big tools

When 7 in 10 healthcare organizations say other strategic priorities are preventing them from investing in data analytics, it’s time to look ahead. With an average of 50 petabytes per year, here’s how US hospitals can wrangle their data and reap insights that improve quality.

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