Healthcare Data Interoperability and Integration

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FHIR: Benefits and limitations for whole-person care 

A deep-dive into the benefits and limitations of FHIR standards as it relates to information sharing for the industry and whole-person care.


How FHIR is changing data interoperability in healthcare

A deep dive into the past, present and future as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) paves the way for streamlined, accessible data.

Product Info

HCC risk suspecting software integrated with Epic for risk adjustment

The Arcadia HCC Risk Suspecting App enables your providers with actionable data within existing Epic workflows to prompt action on suspect HCCs and drive outcomes.


We didn’t start the FHIR: interoperability for whole-person care

On-demand webinar recording | Data on a single patient can flow from point A to point B. But what does it mean to achieve interoperability at a population level?

Press Releases

Arcadia partners with Datavant to accelerate biopharma research

Datavant will enable connectivity to Arcadia’s de-identified electronic health record data; Arcadia’s diverse, rapidly growing data asset and comprehensive, longitudinal insights to drive innovations in patient care

Product Info

Healthcare database optimization to improve efficiency and care

Ensure a smooth healthcare database optimization journey with data-backed decisions and real, human support every step of the way.

Product Info

Healthcare data model built by analysts, for analysts

Arcadia Foundry is a healthcare data model built to answer complex questions consistently, accurately, and faster than anything else on the market.


Arcadia’s Cybersecurity Controls Earn Highest Ratings Across All Categories in First-Ever Independent Evaluation from KLAS Research and Censinet

Healthcare data platform Arcadia Analytics earned the highest ratings in the first-ever Cybersecurity Preparedness Evaluation from widely-respected healthcare research and insights firm KLAS Research. The evaluation was conducted independently by Censinet, the leading intelligent risk network for healthcare.

Press Releases

Arcadia enhances value-based care and interoperability expertise with acquisition of Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative assets

Arcadia announces it has acquired selected assets of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC), including technology and significant customer accounts.


What’s the difference between data exchange and data aggregation, and why does it matter in healthcare?

Data exchange and data aggregation are very different aspects of health IT. We explain why both matter for population health and healthcare.