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Browse quality improvement articles. Learn why high-quality care is key to success, and how high-quality data is key to high-quality care delivery.

Case Studies

How a pediatric CIN used Arcadia Outreach to improve vaccination rates

When parents and caregivers started deferring care due to COVID-19 fears, a large Pediatric CIN launched an innovative engagement campaign to get children in for well child visits and vaccination. Within the first week after getting a text, 11% of patients started coming in for encounters.

Case Studies

How this ACO built a narrow SNF network and reduced ALOS by 4 days

Arcadia Analytics - powered by AWS - was the foundation for this Medicare NextGen ACO's post-acute care strategy: building a narrow Preferred Provider Network of high-quality skilled nursing facility (SNF), home health, and other ancillary providers to reduce variability in quality, length of stay, cost, and readmission rates.

Media Coverage

Clinical Research News: “Real-Time Data Analytics For Improving Care Quality”

Clinical Research News reporter Deborah Borfitz recently interviewed the chief information officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization (now Beth Israel Lahey ...

Medicare ACO Performance - 2017 with 2015 Data

Medicare ACO Performance: Updated for 2017

An updated visualization of Medicare ACO Performance compares risk, enrollment size, cost, and savings for 392 ACOs using a 2017 CMS data set.


What does quality mean in healthcare? From measures to metrics

The word "quality" gets thrown around a lot in discussions of healthcare. Politicians opine about delivering Americans "higher quality" health care at a lower cost. ...

Data Gallery

Real-time quality improvement: care gap opportunities in a typical day

Closing gaps in care can mean prescribing, testing, or behavioral changes. When a patient comes in for one issue, identifying others = lessening risk.