Medical Cost Containment and Utilization Management

How healthcare leaders optimize utilization management and cost containment. Improve quality, reduce costs, and improve your population's overall health.

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The cost of care is rising

We look at the cost of care: the technology has gotten better and yet the number of people with chronic illness grows, and costs go up.

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Data-driven physician referral management for healthcare organizations

Referrals leverages robust data from your network to route patient volume to in-network providers and increase care coordination and in-network referrals.


How to implement a clinical integration program for quality improvement

On-demand webinar | Rush Health President and Executive Director Anthony Del Rio explains how his CIN united more than 2,300 providers in over 140 different practices.


Strategies for successful Transitional Care Management programs

There are many different ways to run a TCM program, but Arcadia customers performing well in this area typically follow a core approach. ACOs can encourage their PCPs to adopt these practices and improve MSSP results with this 7-step process.


Improve patient outcomes through better end-of-life care

There’s a well-established opportunity for ACOs to deliver better quality care to patients and improve MSSP results through end-of-life care. Here's how to get your PCPs onboard.


How Accountable Care Organizations can increase Annual Wellness Visits

If you manage an ACO, adopting a strategy to increase patient-centric preventative and wellness visits can go a long way to improving your position in the marketplace and generating additional shared savings.


Tackling emergency department utilization with population health technology

Learn how MaineHealth ACO utilized patient education tools, predictive analytics, and new clinical workflows to provide patients the right care at the right time.

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A lifetime of healthcare: The costs of 85 years of life

Follow the changing healthcare costs through the life of a patient from childhood (ages 6-12) to old age (70-85).

Data Gallery

The aging human body: Managing our changing health needs

A breakdown of spending in healthcare categories over time, from birth to death, in the life of a patient, from ASD to macular degeneration.

Media Coverage

Medical economics: How can health IT reduce physician burnout?

The team at Medical Economics followed up by asking health IT leaders how technology might help address the issue of physician burnout.  One of the contributors was physician-leader Rich Parker, MD, chief medical officer at Arcadia.

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