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Clinicians want to up-level their careers with AI

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Healthcare has a huge data literacy problem, and it has for decades. What you're seeing is a broad up-leveling of explaining to clinicians how machine learning and AI works so that they can understand how the different models are being trained.

Michael Meucci
President and Chief Executive Officer at Arcadia

According to a recent LinkedIn News article, common skills at healthcare companies are not only clinical expertise but data science and software engineering. And as the two are increasingly intertwined, top healthcare companies serve as a training ground for clinicians who want to boost their careers and be at the forefront of this work.

For clinicians, skepticism about the technology has given way to a desire to shape its rollout. Michael Meucci, President and CEO of Arcadia, recently discussed how opportunities to learn on the job are increasingly important for clinicians who never received formal training in this area.