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How digital health tools can help promote vaccine adherence

Patient Engagement

In 2022, a so-called “tripledemic” — the convergence of flu, RSV and COVID-19 — led to significant morbidity and mortality, and it also forced the cancellation or delay of numerous medical procedures at overwhelmed health systems. This year, there’s an RSV vaccine joining flu and COVID-19 vaccines, and it could help Americans avoid repeating history — but only if patients get recommended vaccines.

Providers and public health agencies must remind patients about the health benefits of vaccines and the importance of remaining adherent to recommended vaccine schedules. As Arcadia’s Chief Medical Officer Kate Behan explains in Healthcare IT News, technology can be a valuable support tool.

Read the article to understand how data analytics platforms and automated outreach tools can help inform, target, and deploy effective patient engagement strategies to boost vaccination rates for seasonal vaccines and available but underutilized vaccines, such as HPV.