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Weaving Hospital Variation, Explained

Using 2015 CMS data, Arcadia looks at the variations in hospital size, quality of care, cost, and efficiency across ACOs.


The Final Word: Interoperability vs. Intraoperability

The English language gets a bad rap for being a difficult language to learn–and understandably so. It’s rife with contradictions. A single misplaced comma can change ...


About Co-Occurrence of Rendering Providers

A look at how often patients see multiple providers per year, grouped by specialty. Patterns show allegiance to a primary care physician.

Data Gallery

A year of utilization: for 27,340 patients by date of first visit, with POS and cost

For an ACO managing nearly 30,000 patients, the quantity of data that builds up over a year is immense. This chart visualizes every visit for each of those patients ...


Cost and frequency of chronic disease: singular conditions, dyads, and triads

More than one chronic condition leads to much steeper healthcare costs, data shows, especially for common conditions like kidney disease and depression.


The Final Word: Healthcare vs. Health Care

A cursory review of all the textbooks, dictionaries, style guides, and news sources in the Anglophone world would reveal a complete lack of consistency in the ...

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