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Press Releases

Arcadia Appoints Chris D’Arcy as Chief Human Resources Officer

D’Arcy will prioritize nurturing the company’s culture, and recruiting and retaining the healthcare technology industry’s top talent.


Reducing implicit bias in predictive healthcare analytics

Machine learning and predictive analytics are a valuable tool in healthcare. Here’s how to avoid implicit bias in your outcomes and analytics.


How data analytics pave ACOs’ path to success

The difference between a successful system and an optimized, cutting-edge ACO? Data analytics. Let’s work together.


From healthcare insights to action at the point of care

Data’s only meaningful if it leads to healthier lives. Here, Arcadia’s Brendan Smith-Elion describes how to turn insight into action at the point of care.


The profound impact of SDoH on overall health

Social determinants of health can have a measurable negative impact on patient health. Here’s how to identify those at risk for intervention.


Moving to value-based care: From risky business to data-backed decisions

On-demand webinar recording | Moving to VBC in healthcare requires a look before you leap mentality. That doesn't mean taking on risk needs to be a daunting endeavor. Tune in to learn how a solid data foundation can accelerate your journey to risk.

Data Bytes Newsletter

Housing insecurity and health — more than a social problem

Unhoused populations experience not only a significantly higher prevalence of chronic illness, but also an increase in costs of care. Every month we share new perspectives into how data drives innovation in healthcare.


FHIR: Benefits and limitations for whole-person care 

A deep-dive into the benefits and limitations of FHIR standards as it relates to information sharing for the industry and whole-person care.

White Paper

Why data analytics are an ACO’s most strategic tool

We walk you through the critical role data analytics plays in an ACO’s success using a case study from an Arcadia partner.

Product Info

Population health insights integration for your existing EHR

Arcadia Desktop finds health insights and elevates them in your existing EHR workflows for risk and quality gap closure at the point of care.