Last week at HIMSS, we unveiled our 2016 Data Gallery—a veritable art gallery where we have turned data into something beautiful. Our love of data drives us to cull through mountains of it to pull the most relevant and compelling information, harness it, and convert it into data visualizations that illustrate everything from the rising cost of prescription drugs to a U.S. map linking fast food outlets with obesity rates across the nation.

We do this not just to highlight interesting correlations and shed light on new trends, but because we believe in the power of data visualization to unlock actionable insights into healthcare. By doing projects like the pieces that hang in our gallery, we learn about how to make data more accessible to users of Arcadia Analytics. With high-quality data and well-designed tools, we believe we can enable our clients to improve healthcare.

Over the coming months, we’ll be diving deeper into some of our favorite visualizations, but in the meantime we encourage you to explore our team’s work in the virtual instance of our Data Gallery. Many of the pieces are driven from our own Arcadia Benchmark Database with multiple clinical and claims datasets, and others make effective use of publicly-available data. We welcome your questions and ideas, and encourage you to share over Twitter and other networks using the hashtag #DataCures (we’ll retweet you!).

Data Gallery 1Data Gallery 2

Alyssa Drew

Alyssa Drew is the Strategic Marketing Director at Arcadia, where she helps healthcare systems understand and unlock the value of their data to enable their success in value-based care.   Her background bridges both strategy and technology.   In over five years at Arcadia, she has managed complex analytics and transformation projects for Arcadia clients across the country and served as Arcadia’s Business Practice Leader.  Before joining Arcadia, she held management roles in enterprise analysis, strategic planning, and financial analysis for a $1B organization.

Alyssa has an undergraduate degree in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University.  She has tremendous enthusiasm for the incredible work her Arcadia colleagues do on a daily basis, and is excited to host the Arcadia Healthcare Datathon annually.