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Introducing the 2017 Data Gallery

February 23, 2017

The unveiling of our 2017 Data Gallery this week marked the continuation of our annual tradition at the HIMSS conference, and we love that so many attendees return year after year to explore our latest visualizations. #himss17 bucket list achieved: met the

Data visualization "Weaving Hospital Variation"

Weaving Hospital Variation

October 27, 2016

Data visualization by Omar Nema and Abhi Kumbara SQL, R, D3.js SVG, with Illustrator. Data sourced from CMS Quality and Cost Assessment for Medicare Hospitals. Throughout 2015, CMS dramatically expanded availability of public data on Medicare utilization and costs, including

Interactive Version of Medicare ACO Performance in Data Gallery

Data Visualization: Medicare ACO Performance

September 28, 2016

Data visualization by Luke Shulman and Nick Stepro Excel, D3.js SVG, with Illustrator. Data sourced from 2014 CMS ACO Public Use File. Risk scoring underpins many value-based payment programs. In the CMS Shared Savings Program, risk adjustment is critical to

Improving HCC Risk Accuracy with EHR Data

Improving HCC Risk Accuracy with EHR Data

September 8, 2016

In a perfect world, risk-adjusted premiums would always be accurate.  But information loss creates risk gaps, where patient conditions are either unknown or undocumented. EHR data can help healthcare systems close the gaps, supporting better patient care while protecting against the

The Final Word: Risk

July 13, 2016

RISK: PATIENTS LIKELY TO HAVE NEGATIVE OUTCOMES The most widely understood use of risk in healthcare relates to the process of identifying patients at high, intermediate or low probabilities of certain outcomes such as admission to the hospital, dying within

The Final Word: Data Exchange vs. Data Aggregation

June 8, 2016

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about difficulties in the language of healthcare IT, focusing on the seemingly small, but meaningfully vast difference between two very important words in healthcare IT: interoperability and intraoperability. Unfortunately for our industry, there

The Final Year: Visualizing End of Life

April 26, 2016

At Arcadia, we believe data can be beautiful.  Visit our online, interactive Data Gallery to explore high-resolution versions of all our data visualizations.   Here, we discuss questions raised by The Final Year: Where and How We Die. In the year before you die –

Weaving Hospital Variation, Explained

March 23, 2016

Bronchitis treatment can cost you up to $8000 dollars in a hospital in Boston, MA. The same treatment, in the same region, at a provider of similar size, can cost one-quarter of the price. This a common, but baffling trend

Announcing Arcadia’s 2016 Data Gallery

March 9, 2016

Last week at HIMSS, we unveiled our 2016 Data Gallery—a veritable art gallery where we have turned data into something beautiful. Our love of data drives us to cull through mountains of it to pull the most relevant and compelling information,

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