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Articles to help healthcare leaders improve care management and deliver better outcomes to their patients. Learn how to put analytics and data to work.

A population under a microscope: measuring risk and impactibility
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A population under a microscope

Finding the demographic factors (including social determinants of health) that indicate potential for complex care management.

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How Predictive Analytics Helps Providers Identify Patients for Care Management

As more health systems recognize the value of care management programs, they may find that traditional utlization-based or morbidity-based algorithms are insufficient in ...

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The impact of care management: Risk stratification and hands-on care

Incorporating socioeconomic data alongside the traditional risk and morbidity, Arcadia tracks the results of patients in complex case management programs.


How ACOs and healthcare organizations can use data for end-of-life care

“As patients near the end-of-life, an organization will want to make sure that they receive the appropriate treatments to be comfortable, maintain a good quality of ...

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The Final Year: Visualizing End of Life

Where do we spend our final moments? Data shows that 42% of patients pass away at home, but an almost equal proportion die in hospitals.