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A data gallery of visualizations and infographics built from clinical and claims datasets.

Data Gallery

What does your EHR look like?: visualizing the vastness and complexity of a typical EHR

A patient's electronic health record is so dense it can surpass Wikipedia in size. This chart shows the relationships between data tables within one EHR.

Data Gallery

Real time quality improvement: care gap opportunities in a typical day

Closing gaps in care can mean prescribing, testing, or behavioral changes. When a patient comes in for one issue, identifying others = lessening risk.

Data Gallery

Childhood growth charts: an analysis of 580,000 height/weight observations for 63,000 children

Measuring the height and weight of 63,000 children against WHO standards reveals that this sample weighs 8% more than the global average by 24 months old.

Data Gallery

The evolution of diabetes: 12 years of disease state transitions

EHR and claims data for 10 million patients show the evolution of diabetes, a glimpse at the most at-risk individuals and a way to prevent disease.

Data Gallery

A day in the life of Dr. Jones: 24 visits, 16 hours, 2,541 clicks

In Dr. Jones's 16-hour day, she sees 24 patients. Between these visits lies a multitude of data, from EHR to engagement with clinic staff.

What Lies Beneath
Data Gallery

What lies beneath?: a comparison of claims data and EHR data available for 500 patients

Visualizing the vast and rich resources of EHR data that typically hide just beneath the surface and out of view.

Data Gallery

Disease, diet and exercise: an analysis of the 48 contiguous states

Explore the CDC's state data on nutrition and exercise, behavioral factors that appear to correlate with depression and diabetes.


The Final Year: Visualizing End of Life

Where do we spend our final moments? Data shows that 42% of patients pass away at home, but an almost equal proportion die in hospitals.

Data Gallery

A year of utilization: for 27,340 patients by date of first visit, with POS and cost

For an ACO managing nearly 30,000 patients, the quantity of data that builds up over a year is immense. This chart visualizes every visit for each of those patients ...

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