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What’s the difference between data exchange and data aggregation, and why does it matter in healthcare?

Data exchange and data aggregation are very different aspects of health IT. We explain why both matter for population health and healthcare.

Data Gallery

A day in the life of Dr. Jones: 24 visits, 16 hours, 2,541 clicks

In Dr. Jones's 16-hour day, she sees 24 patients. Between these visits lies a multitude of data, from EHR to engagement with clinic staff.

What Lies Beneath
Data Gallery

What lies beneath?: a comparison of claims data and EHR data available for 500 patients

Visualizing the vast and rich resources of EHR data that typically hide just beneath the surface and out of view.


Interoperability vs Intraoperability: Why are they critical in health IT?

While they may sound and look similar, their meanings couldn’t be more different: here's a dive into interoperability and intraoperability.