Healthcare Predictive Analytics


4 Challenges Healthcare Organizations Face Today and How to Solve Them

In the recent Arcadia webinar we tackle four common challenges — rising costs and tighter margins, patient leakage, labor shortages, and physician burnout and offer some ways organizations can control them.


How to steer clear of healthcare data blind spots

Avoid implicit bias, confirmation bias, and other pitfalls of healthcare data blind spots with these helpful pointers.


How SDoH improves patient outcomes for community care organizations

How Umpqua Health's regional SDoH program helped the CCO impact patients lives, identify their most at risk patients, and deliver care.


RISE West 2022

Helping health plans, providers, and organizations improve performance and pinpoint risk with accuracy is at the core of our mission, and at RISE, we can’t wait to solve the industry’s greatest challenges together. Join us 8/31 – 9/2 in Los Angeles.


Reducing implicit bias in predictive healthcare analytics

Machine learning and predictive analytics are a valuable tool in healthcare. Here’s how to avoid implicit bias in your outcomes and analytics.


5 questions to ask before you use predictive algorithms in healthcare

Predictive analytics offer huge potential value to healthcare organizations — but only if you pick the right problems to solve


Healthcare 2030: 3 trends that will impact the next decade

Accelerated innovation, public trust in the system, new payment models, and big data. Here’s NYT bestselling author Shawn DuBravac’s take on how these trends will impact that future of healthcare.


Arcadia statement on predictive analytics and bias

We're sharing the following statement with our customers who may have questions about our predictive algorithms in light of recent media coverage. For general ...


Can data-driven care management help address provider burnout?

Within all the rightly harsh press about “physician burnout” there is a bright spot called predictive analytics. I will get to that in a moment. Let me set the ...


How to use predictive analytics for care management intervention

How do you find the most 'actionable' patients for care management — the ones who will most benefit from intervention? Dr. Rich Parker first saw the value ...