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How life science and healthcare organizations are putting research data to work. Best practices to deliver better products and care to patient populations.


Can data help eradicate long-COVID?

In the effort to effectively treat long-COVID, healthcare data and predictive analytics give us a hopeful path forward.

Media Coverage

The most expensive medical procedures in the U.S.

Arcadia recently contributed data to a study on the most expensive medical procedures in the U.S.


Real-world data IRL: Accelerate your research with new FDA guidelines 

Incorporating EHR and claims data into studies can lead to fast, informed results, especially when you follow the FDA’s guidelines.


Using real-world data for real-world evidence

Here's how researchers are using clinically rich real world data to get new products to market faster and accelerate outcomes for patients.


New study supports vaccination in the fight against long-COVID

Arcadia just released a new study showing that getting vaccinated for COVID-19 reduces the incidence and severity of long-COVID. Here, we explain the research and findings.