Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health

Articles about SDoH and its impact on people's health. Learn how to address health inequities and disparities through data and predictive analytics.


How SDoH improves patient outcomes for community care organizations

How Umpqua Health's regional SDoH program helped the CCO impact patients lives, identify their most at risk patients, and deliver care.


The profound impact of SDoH on overall health

When it's coherent and organized, data tells a story. It's Executive Director of Customer Insights Jacob Hochberg's job to find and follow that narrative. As he combed ...

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Housing insecurity and health — more than a social problem

Unhoused populations experience not only a significantly higher prevalence of chronic illness, but also an increase in costs of care. Every month we share new perspectives into how data drives innovation in healthcare.


FHIR: Benefits and limitations for whole-person care 

A deep-dive into the benefits and limitations of FHIR standards as it relates to information sharing for the industry and whole-person care.

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Improve health outcomes through unified social determinants of health data

We simplify your equity initiatives — our SDoH content unifies a single registry of patient insights, categorized along 12 SDoH domains.


Identify and use SDoH data for managing vulnerable populations

Key strategies to identify Social Determinants of Health data and incorporate it with clinical data to enable proactive care strategies for vulnerable populations.