Value-Based Care

Learn how to succeed in and optimize VBC by managing your patient's health and leveraging data to deliver the highest quality care.


What is value-based care (VBC) and why does it matter?

A value-based care payment system focuses on health outcomes, rather than the quantity of services provided. It puts a heavy emphasis on the overall health of the patient.


Treating diabetes with data

Diabetes is a complicated condition, but data-driven interventions can prevent comorbidities and keep patients healthy.

Care Management

How to measure care management’s impact

Care management programs are critical tools for helping vulnerable populations, and data analytics are the key to measuring their success efficiency.


Challenges in Healthcare Today: Strategies to improve outcomes in uncertain times

On-demand webinar recording | Staff shortages, physician burnout, and financial instability are key challenges healthcare organizations are facing today. Join us as we explore new approaches in data management, analytics, and automation to transform your organization in uncertain times.


Value-based care and fully delegated risk: Which model is right for your healthcare organization?

Many healthcare organizations feel they must move from fee-for-service to value-based care and risk. Here's a deep-dive on what to consider.


Value-based care (evolved): Achieving provider success amidst accelerating risk

As more healthcare organizations move toward pay for performance, there is a rising need for single care models that deliver whole person care. This results in a patient-first approach to multi-payer contracts.


Build vs. buy in healthcare IT: The battle for buy-in

From the CIO to the VP of Population Health, here's a deep dive into the arguments for and against "building" or "buying" an analytics system.

Data Bytes Newsletter

The cost of care is rising

We look at the cost of care: the technology has gotten better and yet the number of people with chronic illness grows, and costs go up.


What is value-based care? ACOs and the future of healthcare

Value-based care is sweeping the healthcare industry, but what does it really mean? We’re taking you through the basics of this healthcare delivery model so that you can understand how it works, what challenges it poses, and what the future holds.


NAACOS Fall 2022

Join us for this year’s national gathering of ACOs! We can’t wait to dig deep into accountable care organizations’ current bright futures.

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