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VIDEO: Capturing SDoH Data Across Community Health Centers

Leadership from Community Health Plan of Washington shared their strategies of partnering with providers to capture and utilize SDoH data to improve patient outcomes.


VIDEO: Helping PCPs Transition to New Payment Models

Clinical and IT leaders from Central Georgia Health Network (CGHN) share detailed practice transformation strategies they built to ensure their primary care physicians would be ready to transition to new payment models.


VIDEO: Transforming Digital Health with Dr. John Halamka

Dr. Halamka shares some of his thoughts on the current and future state of healthcare information technology, and took questions throughout this webinar recording.


Video: Building a better 2020 risk adjustment strategy

In this webinar, risk adjustment experts Debbie Conboy and Anna Basevich explained: risk adjustment, areas of opportunity, dangers & Plan-provider collaboration case studies.


Video: Care management: using predictive analytics to choose the “actionable” patients

How do you find the most 'actionable' patients for care management — the ones who will most benefit from intervention? Rich Parker, MD first saw the value of care ...