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Read the latest healthcare white papers and executive summaries to learn how to put data to work and use analytics to drive healthcare forward.

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Why data analytics are an ACO’s most strategic tool

We walk you through the critical role data analytics plays in an ACO’s success using a case study from an Arcadia partner.

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3 ways to reduce bias in predictive analytics for better health equity

Implicit bias and health inequities can easily get baked into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive tools. To prevent this, we need an intentional approach to development that specifically addresses these issues. In this white paper, you’ll learn three important strategies for reducing implicit bias and improving the equity and diversity of your predictive outputs, while still optimizing performance against your organizational and financial objectives.

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Exploratory data analysis for long-COVID’s healthcare impact

Insights from massive real world data assets can uncover complex interactions and drive hypothesis creation. Learn more about Arcadia's research on the impact of COVID-19 vaccinations in reducing long-COVID likelihood and severity.

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How to measure your care management program for maximum value

Care management is an important component of population health management, but healthcare organizations sometimes struggle to assess the impact and maximize the value ...

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Building a successful Accountable Care Organization

With the challenges of increasing cost and quality pressures surpassed only by the uncertainty in the current market, many ACO leaders share concerns about ...