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Revolving risk: A risk profile of 42,705 patients across 166,440 visits

In healthcare, risk = estimated cost. Over a year, we mapped patient visits and whether providers could classify their risk using EHR and claims data.

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Booking ahead: The early bird will be seen now

A calendar-view of appointments at a 25-physician provider group reveals that the majority are booked at the end of the year, at least a month in advance.

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The health IT space: Visualizing data structures of the leading EHRs

There's no uniform structure for EHRs across the health IT space, data shows. Those that are interconnected show the most potential for robust analysis.

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Medicare ACO performance: risk, enrollment size, cost and savings for 392 ACOs

A year's worth of data from 392 Accountable Care Organizations show that precise risk-scoring is a predictor and indicator of financial success.

A Day in the Life - Gantt

A Day in the Life of “Death by a Thousand Clicks”

Physicians' complaints about inefficient electronic medical records are borne out by data, which show thousands of clicks per day in healthcare software.

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Utilization density plot: Cost and utilization of 50k ACO patients

50,000 patients show individual pathologies and community trends. Here, we see how three different cohorts' yearly visits translate to healthcare costs.

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Confounding correlations: Enlightenment and noise in the age of so much data

In an age of expanding data and increasingly powerful tools to process and visualize it, it’s increasingly difficult to filter out the noise and find meaning in a sea ...

Medicare ACO Performance - 2017 with 2015 Data

Medicare ACO Performance: Updated for 2017

An updated visualization of Medicare ACO Performance compares risk, enrollment size, cost, and savings for 392 ACOs using a 2017 CMS data set.


What does quality mean in healthcare? From measures to metrics

The word "quality" gets thrown around a lot in discussions of healthcare. Politicians opine about delivering Americans "higher quality" health care at a lower cost. ...

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War of attribution: patient addresses relative to attributed PCP

Near, far, wherever you are, you'll need primary care health services. In an urban metropolis, 38,000 patients are mapped geographically around providers.