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What makes a CCO different from an ACO?

July 26, 2016

Image credit oregon.gov Our Arcadia Analytics implementation teams really enjoy working with healthcare organizations in Oregon – not because of the stunning landscapes and excellent locally-grown food (though that doesn’t hurt), but because of Oregon’s innovative statewide approach to value-based


Dr. House Probably Isn’t Running an ACO

April 1, 2016

Who hasn’t watched an episode of a medical drama on television?  In a typical weekly segment, the doctor runs all sorts of tests and tries a number of different treatments in a Herculean effort to save the patient.  Many times


Optimizing a Replacement EHR for Population Health Management

April 29, 2014

Below is an article originally published on EHR Intelligence featuring Michael Meucci, Director of Transformation and Improvement at Arcadia Healthcare Solutions.  After selecting a new EHR vendor, implementing properly certified products, and getting staff members up to speed on the brand new technology,