Kathy Fortener

VP, Operations Life Sciences

Kathy Fortener is the Vice President of Life Sciences at Arcadia, where she uses the untapped power of EHR data to build out solutions for clinical research. Her work helps the marketplace use data to its fullest potential, ultimately improving the quality and cost effectiveness of care. Kathy is a hands-on leader in all aspects of this mission, developing the documentation for uses, working on license agreements, preparing go-to market strategy, and addressing technical issues.

Before joining Arcadia, Kathy spent over 25 years in healthcare, including leadership roles at IBM Watson Health and INGENIX, INC (now Optum). In each case, she has supported the company’s effort to leverage its data asset in the research market.

Kathy holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Eastern Michigan University. She feeds her deep passion for architectural history by serving on the Ann Arbor Historic District Commission and studying the history of the built environment wherever she travels. She also enjoys playing recreational disc golf.