Michael Meucci

EVP, Chief Operating Officer

Michael Meucci - SVP, Growth

Michael Meucci is Arcadia’s EVP and Chief Operating Officer.  Michael’s primary focus is on supporting Arcadia’s clients and prospects in identifying how the Arcadia Analytics platform and Arcadia’s Managed Care services can be best matched to client needs to accelerate success in risk and value based payment models.

Michael combines a depth of experience in product management, marketing and technical leadership with a focus on data integration in distributed ambulatory healthcare settings.  Specifically, he has a deliberate focus in supporting the deployment of data-driven clinical transformation programs at scale.  Michael was the primary lead on the development of Arcadia’s Accelerator platform, a web-based transformation planning and management toolkit designed to provide transforming practices with task level planning and tracking of the activities required for successful transformation.  Working at Arcadia, Michael has provided strategic oversight and guidance on the development of scalable, state wide patient centered transformation programs in California, Louisiana and Florida focused on the integration of trusted, real-time analytics into team based care models to enable improved care planning and coordination and more effective decision support.  Michael also serves as a subject matter expert supporting data aggregation and analytics initiatives in Maine, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Virginia and Connecticut, ensuring that knowledge and innovation in each project is captured and shared appropriately with current and future clients.

A two-time Arcadian, Michael’s previous experience includes serving as the Product Manager at Linkwell Health, a venture backed disease management and patient engagement company, where he supported the build, marketing and launch of Linkwell’s online engagement platform and an internship at Monitor Group, an international strategy consulting firm now owned by Deloitte, building industry expertise with leading organizations in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and high-tech fields.

Outside of the office, Michael enjoys reading World War II fiction, hunting for mid-century modern furniture and is an avid traveler known for building his travel itineraries around culinary adventures.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Entrepreneurial Leadership from Tufts University.