Simon has been at Arcadia for several years and currently works as a solutions architect for Arcadia’s Northwest clients.   During his time at Arcadia, Simon has worked as a lead technical consultant on integrating health care reform enrollment data, connector developer and as both a data and business analyst.

Outside of his main responsibilities as a solutions architect, Simon enjoys working on data visualizations and data analysis using machine learning.  He has also created a framework which helps Arcadians monitor and report on daily technical operations as well as tools to help streamline daily operations for Arcadia’s implementation teams.  He enjoys learning and leveraging new technologies to help solve business problems, which he hopes help drive the success of Arcadia and Arcadia’s clients.

Prior to joining Arcadia, Simon has experience working as an industrial engineering in the defense and aerospace industry which included working on NASA’s Orion program, working in operation management at a tortilla chip company and working with pharmaceutical unit dose packaging.