Tammi Pirri - VP, People

We’re growing rapidly at Arcadia, and Tammi Pirri is on a mission to ensure every Arcadian is engaged and empowered to grow along with us.  As Vice President of People at Arcadia, Tammi leads a People Operations team focused on recruiting awesome new Arcadians and supporting each employee with the environment, resources, and professional development they need to ensure our customers are successful.

Arcadia works with some of the largest and most innovative healthcare organizations around the country to help them succeed financially under value-based care, and our ability to help our customers drive outcomes depends on our exceptional team.  Whether they are software engineers working with the latest and most sophisticated Big Data technology or registered nurses implementing care management programs, Arcadians are smart, hard-working, and committed to the success of our customers.

Tammi’s People Operations team is just as committed to the success of all Arcadians.  Tammi leads Arcadia’s people strategy, building  our teams  for success as we continue our high-growth trajectory.  Her team spearheads initiatives to create a fun, healthy, and high-performing organizational culture, recruit highly-talented new Arcadians, and ensure all Arcadians are empowered with the resources they need to deliver exceptional work.

Tammi has deep experience building high impact cultures that engage and empower the smart, driven people who fuel high growth technology companies like Arcadia.  She scaled marketing analytics leader Klaviyo and real estate website marketplace Placester, where she led two M&A acquisitions. She was also instrumental in scaling Black Duck Software from a small startup to a global enterprise platform.

Tammi’s culture-building work has been acclaimed, with one of her emerging growth companies awarded the prestigious Top Workplaces award from The Boston Globe. This difficult-to-achieve commendation is based on objective third-party analytics and wholly anonymous employee feedback and reflects Tammi’s work in creating strong, engaged organizations where employees are customer-focused and metric-driven.

In building these strong organizations, Tammi has developed deep experience with effective, analytics-driven talent acquisition strategies that ensure high-growth technology companies can find and recruit the top-tier talent they need to continue to lead their markets.  Similarly, her expertise in building learning-centric cultures helps reduce attrition and grow internal leaders.  Tammi’s focus on retaining and developing employees enables high-growth companies to scale their capabilities effectively across a growing customer base while creating new opportunities for employee growth.

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